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"So you want to be a (death) star?" is the work of world-renowned interior space designer and ex-Australian Frisbee Champion.

This work is made up of 11 sonic translations based on the artwork 'So you want to be a (death) star?'. The star is dub deconstructed. Pulling apart the form and its space to reveal a dark mesmerising radiance, the star unfolds over the course of the work. The music possesses the density and complexity of the bezoar-like structure of the art. The dimensions of the work and sound loops within at first appear to be precisely mapped, but reveal themselves to be uneven, disjointed, with hidden asperities, unseen roughness. Despite its disturbing and tense feel, the music contains a warmth that grows over time.

Summary: aries, intense, very much not geeky, family man (wife and 2 children), highly sought after theatre and 3-dimensional space designer, ex-frisbee champion, lover of all things minimal, generally the best dressed man in Wellington.

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