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Andreas Jonsson, aka Slow Moe, is a 24 year old Swede, now living and studying in Glasgow, Scotland. He moved there in 1999 and began writing small instrumental pieces of music on his guitar and a friend's drum machine. Slow Moe takes inspiration from both drone-punk instrumentalists a la Kranky/Constellation, as well as the mellow repetitive melodies of Labradford and David Pajo.

The first CD release on Involve from a non New Zealand artist, Slow Moe fits seamlessly within the Involve sound. Relaxed and melancholic, Slow Moe never loses that essential tension, ensuring that the sound is never relegated to the listener's back-brain.

Built from simple, yet compelling sound shapes intertwined, repetition allows Slow Moe to virally insinuate the music into your consciousness. A sound that binds itself around the ear, the pieces of Jonsson's aural jigsaws are turned over in the mind as they make their way to completion.

Summary: Leo, perfectionist, symmetry and repetition, mellow, good-hearted, music geek, can't stand clubs playing bad music, Internet freak.

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