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Rob Walton/Voicechanger is a one man project, the result of a band that didn't work out. He lives in the coastal town of Portsmouth, South England - beautiful and lazy by day, 'leery' by nightfall. Bass and guitar are recorded directly to computer - an indie sound in the computer age. A shifting mix of influences colour each track, resulting in dramatic shifts of content and style between tracks.

Within the Involve stable Voicechanger is marked by his urgent style - striving to bring to the listening experience the intensity with which the songs were produced. Voicechanger makes the most explicit demand of the listener to come to the music, pushing for attention, demanding attentiveness.

Voicechanger marks Involves commitment to the mixing of sounds and genres - to bring a depth of melody and emotion back to electronic music. Voicechanger's indie roots lie at the heart of the experience Involve seeks to return to with this release; to combine groove with feeling, to reclaim affective, rather than cerebral listening. With the release of aerobic rather than anaerobic work, Involve reintroduces the breath to electronica - tickling, fluttery, but with expansive and far ranging possibilities.

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