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Andy Greenman, most cautious producer of the Involve crew. DJ turned producer, Andy possesses the heightened sense of flow and rhythm within music of the DJ, and the ability to instantly assess tracks that have the power to make us move to them. A fragile psyche tormented by the infernal horror of producing music on laptop, Andy arises reborn after healing by the Godfather of Soul at the Ocean Club, Hackney, in June of this year. Spirit infused by the Bass, Andy turns from technology and purchases a bass guitar, seamlessly incorporating this into his soulful techno.

Andy’s music relies on groove and weight. Rhythms are multi layered and tracks contain multi dynamics. The live bass adds further dimensions to a sound heavily influenced by Detroit techno and searching for ‘Soul’. Andy is presently working on debut 12” release, plus a collaboration with Signer.

Summary: Pisces, chin stroker, MPC noodler and bicycling maniac, bass obsessed, currently recruited as Involve DJ and working on several vinyl releases.

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