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loscil is Vancouver, Canada based musician and media artist Scott Morgan. Scott's interest in electronic music developed during his time in the Simon Fraser University music and communications programs, where he was introduced to the music and ideas of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Edgard Varese, John Cage and the like. This interest, coupled with exposure to electro-acoustic music technologies and computer aided compositional tools, lead to a series of experiments in electronic music production, including the piece 'parade' which was published by the Canadian Electro-acoustic Community on their 'Presence' compilation in 1997.

Since moving beyond scholastic life, Scott has been an active member in Vancouver's arts scene. He served on the board of Vancouver Pro Musica, a society geared to supporting and developing local composers. He received Canada Council Funding for the production of a radio play, helped organize and curate for a Vancouver audiovisual collective called The Multiplex Users Group and worked with several film makers, dancers and multimedia artists as a sound designer and composer. He is employed as an audiovisual technician at the Vancouver Art Gallery and runs a small-scale sound design business on the side.

loscil was conceived in 1998 as a focused outlet for Scott's electronic music production. loscil music is simple but deep; rich and warm, with elements of experimentation. At its core the music is driven by repetition, looping, oscillating and pulsing, but with subtle variation on the surface. loscil music is minimal, dark and ambient, but also melodic and rhythmic. Since starting to perform under the name loscil, Scott has also regularly incorporated visual projections as accompaniment to the music; abstract visualizations driven by the music itself and which, like the music, are inspired by repetition, geometry, flow and pulse.

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