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Jeremy Coubrough = Mandrake, minus the beetling browns and chin tugging goatee. He is studying towards a degree in performance jazz sax in Wellington. Mandrake is the soundtrack to the life of a sub-clinical ADHD sufferer, whose brain percolates with a jumbled record collection of Herbie Hancock, Boney M and Moog sounds filtered through Nintendo consoles. Mandrake conjures at speed; previous demos have been written and recorded in less time than it takes to make dinner. Surprisingly thoughtful jazz/hop/electro. Jeremy nods to himself and mutters 'Herbie'.

Summary: Pisces, pigeon aficionado, intense and totally not geeky (for a change), living low-fi in Akaroa (French enclave in the wild south island of NZ), shares Hippocrates' preoccupation with diet and bodily excreta, involved with a musical project aimed at recording the sound of sunshine.

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