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Responsible for the third release on Involve are Patio; Smith (Aspen/Signer) and Upton (Jet Jaguar) in collaboration. A project that grew from the mutual admiration between the producers, Smith wanted to apply Upton's sampling skills to his own ambisonic textures. The Patio sound takes the best particles from the solo material and puts them through an aural blender. The results are more electro than Jet Jaguar and more bassy and concise than Aspen. 'Parallel Play' spices Jet Jaguar with Aspen's lushness, while Jet Jaguar sandpapers some of the smoothness from Aspen, adding a dry and crackly aural friction. The collaboration allows the artists to throw out a more varied selection of tracks than on either of their solo efforts. In the play of the process Smith and Upton are driven on by each other to experiment with samples and guitars, as each tests the limits of their own and the other's sound and style.

The Patio sound varies from track to track as Jet Jaguar takes on Aspen and vice versa. Waves of emergent possibilities creep up and down in the mix, in an album that evolves throughout every listening.

Summary: Geeks on heat with beats, handcrafting meets power-tools, joined at the jog control, Involve devours itself and spits out the result.

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