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Where computers conspire against humans, deliberately crashing, failing, deleting data in order to drive their operators to insanity. Where men inject anthrax into their testicles in order to build up immunity to the sickness. Where northerners are hard and Kiwi blokes non chalent. Where the Tate modern gallery is actually a humungous bass speaker which emanates frequencies that will destroy Canary wharf. Where the people upstairs suffer a rare and debilating muscle disease which can only be treated by moving large furniture at random time of the day and night. Where the ultimate form of music is rnb porn pop co-produced by carl craig, rythym and sound, I feel love producer. Where a person can send out electro magnetic pulses in order to crash not only computers but also hardware synths and sequencers and blow lightbulbs. Where Sundays are reserved for watching star wars for the rest of one's life. Where flying in a plane is to face tremendous danger but passing two buses by riding between them on a bike is just part of everyday life. I want to get my music used on adverts for tampax preferably.s

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