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Daydreams and day

Hmmmm.......I daydream, mostly about I daydreamt that I won 15million in lotto and got a ticket to london, and you and alethea didn't know I was coming so I secretly followed you round for a couple of days, getting strangers to ask you weird questions randomly like 'how's jeremy?' and then walking off, and then one night getting a ladder and flying in through your window and dancing around then running off, only to reappear again a short time later being normal.

Except it had a variety of endings.

But then the reality hits me that I'm stuck in a small town where the only people I hang with are my parents and this dude I knew who just got put in a mental home for being caught at 3am in Blenheim saluting the sun, and that I have no idea or motivation to do anything, or where I'm going, or how I'm gonna get by, so all I do is wake up, read bit of paper, go to work, hate americans, get very hot and tired, come home, feel guilty for not doing stuff round home, put on a record, fall asleep, wake up at 8:30, eat a plate of foul meat, go on the computer until ridiculous hours so I can rant to you at work and listen to music (still hunting for mp3s, when americans say 'I make music like afx, boards of canada, seefeel, kraftwerk', why do they make breakbeaty trance. Fucks me off to download something that looks promising, and after an hour I end up listening to chod?:)

Then at somestage go to bed if I can get into it (my room is full of boxes all over the floor and records and shit. Everymorning before I get out of my room, I have to pick up a couple of piles off the floor, and put them on the bed so I can get out. Then every night I have to take the piles off the bed and back on the floor:)

Yeah and repeat process.

I've lost all track of what day/date it is. I work 7 days, so saturday nights are as mundane as any other, if I even know it's a saturday. Hearing no new music apart from shite realaudio and when mum goes into town and I ask her to go into a shop and get a sun ra CD:)All my gear is still in Lytlleton, but I don't want it tilll I know where I live because it just makes me nervous angry.

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