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Mandrake gig in Christchurch the robert mcdougall memorial gallery...big marble room with big marble pillars and stuff. Huge natural reverb which completely mushed my bass drum into a wet murmur. Put on by this guy john who played minimal primal kinda clicky techno/noise..other people played dubbed out technoise with some quite abrasive sounds and chords and freaky samples. And Ryan from wellington who played kooky stuff...but excellent considering he was using a tape deck and 3 fx boxes and a eq. Perhaps not involve sounding but pretty interesting. My stuff was like snd meets force tracks meets farben in detroit 1997. maybe. Didn't record it, but just played off a mastertracks midi file and S2000 and jammed with fx live. If you want me to record it by doing it again, though I'll be writing some similar stuff soon anyway. God quite a good response. It was a little more funky and pleasant than the other stuff but still lots of detail and nice swooping grainy chords and soft clicky percussion so plenty for the noise freaks to listen to.But yeah, was very happy with it. I think because I was so limited by just pressing play on mastertracks..i didn't have so much to worry about/do which was really nice and actually enabled me to listen to it more, and think about it, while still getting creative with fx/eq/levels. Think I will do all live sets like this...more like what you and michael were doing. Would like to be really *live* at some stage by having software that enables me to trigger midi patterns on the fly but this ways fine for now. Plus I guess 99% of the crowd doesn't know what you're doing and doesn't give a shit anyhow.

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