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Letter from Akaroa

Re: Pigeons as my favourite bird.

Well they are my second favourite. You know london pigeons had the first page photo in the world section of the Christchurch Press today. About how people sell food for tourists to feed them in trafalger square and how someone wants them to stop because he called them 'flying rodents' which I think was a little on the nasty side. Plus there's always debate about how transrail poison the pigeons at the wellington railway Station. Heck, pigeons get more press than Phillipino Presidents. I have immense respect for ducks. I think they'd make the ideal pickpockets. I mean they can fly, they can swim, they can walk, and nobody would expect a duck to steal your wallet. Plus they're quite big as far as common birds go, so cats are scared of them (well ours are). I've also got a book called 'enjoy your pigeons' and now I do.

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