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'I dream of Involve' by Michael Jet Jaguar

I'm sitting in a large wooden room, excited to finally receive the latest of Bevan's CDs as Aspen. It's been a long time coming because it has been a co-release with an American label that I know well in the dream. I start listening on a portable CD player and it's got those huge waves of synth pads, which makes me giggle. I start skipping through tracks, cutting to the end of each, and scanning back a minute or two and listening from there. It's a bit frustrating, because Bevan keeps using bit degraded sounds on every track.

I look down at the CD player and notice this large window on the side of it that I'd never seen. I realise this is normally the little LCD screen that shows the track number and time. At the moment it's a whole series of vertical stripes of card, each one rotating in sequence from left to right. As each strip rotates, there's something different painted on it, so the overall effect is these old paintings scrolling past in time to the music. I'm amazed, and wonder why on earth no one thought to do this with a CD before. I skip forward and back through tracks to see what happens to the paintings. The paintings are things like little watercolours of typical rural New Zealand and portraits of what look like soldiers from the Red Army.

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