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Andy Greenman on sleep and dreams

Random thoughts.

"I seem to find it impossible to sleep anymore so I am going to give up and become the world's first non-sleeping human. I plan to 'sleep' while at my desk in work."

"dreaming of spending months locked in a warehouse in Mitte. Das would be v.v. groovy, yes!"

"I almost passed out when I got back but rather thando the obvious I stacked up on coffee and rocked the laptop all nigh long. managed to get some super nice sounds using AM. created a new track using an AKAI sample disk which I got when I brought the MPc and never really investigated. Its got like 4000 drum sounds which sound really flat whuich is great."

"I envy people who have dreams. Mine are always too boring for my mind to remember. Occasionally they are too weighty and blow my head apart for days. I want to dream of being a super model."

"I like Sheds too, but not as much as Rob Gear. He dreams of owning a shed with all his tools - most of which he is yet to acquire- all neatly arranged. Alien archiologists in millenia from now will interpret Sheds as primitive escape pods for proto-geeks looking for a safe haven from the increasingly violent, media saturated, image concious female controlled urb-scape of the early 21st century. viva la shed."

"I took a similar fancy to bins in Seattle which were decorated by local artists as a protest against city developers who forced a large number of underground artists, musicians, writers and designers out of their squats to make room for yuppie flats. These being the same squats which spawned Kurt cobain and the rest of the US 'Grunge' scene. ( Actually Nirvana meant jack to me and the grudge scene is a reference to a college tutor who once accused me of being one of those 'grudge' fans who sit around taking heroin and listining to nearhevana - I was more insulted than I can explain. There was me thinking I looked all Detroit !!!)."

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