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Dark Lords of Glitch Spend Up

Andy Greenman. Music and Technology Analyst

News just heard on the streets of N4: not traditionally a hotspot for breaking financial changes. Rumours of excessive gear spending by two individuals in the N4 region of London are have a steading effect on the markets today. While the Nasdaq and Nuer Markt fell by 5 points on Tuesday, wiping 255 billion dollars of the market, the two individuals who prefer not be referred to simply as the Lords of Dark Glitch have injected substantial spending into the high-tech market by engaging in a spending frenzy on high tech music equipment.

Sources close to the Dark Lords suggest they are single handedly trying to avert world wide economic disaaster by spedning the majority of their earnings from the high-tech markets and ploughing them into a highly secretive mission named simply c&c. The Dark Lords are believed to be based out of a top secret bunker come ex-warehouse on a run down estate in the no-go zone beyond Seven Sisters region of London. Local musician come Dub studio owner Augustus Perry Tubby said ' Dem crazy yoot is Irie, all dem mad sounds an ting is mekkin me head spin, I jus want to play me dubspring. Me no time for da stock market, but me real glad to da dark lords for deir efforts, big up....

The Dark Lords were no available for comment. They were last spotted by police speeding camera's last night on a mission to deepest SW18 to acquire yet more gear. A spokesman for the Clapham branch of the don corniloni familly said ' dey came into my son Marco's house, under the cover of darkness, they wanted to spend more but he was not prepared for the depth of their spending powers, we have never experienced such craziness....they messed with the familly.


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