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Aspen 'Are you that retail snob?' - 1999

Wellington's guiding star of electronica, Aspen, releases 'Are you that retail snob', the eagerly awaited follow-up to his debut 'album'. 'Retail Snob' is a ten track journey through the mind and soul of one Bevan Smith. Greeted with a raft of praise from the US and UK electronica scenes, the record is definitely one for the liminal zone that lies between late nights and early mornings. The album is held together by warm organic textures of analogue synths, layers of effects and top flight production. Layers of unassuming, yet soul touching, melodies over crisp, syncopated rhythms. Recorded over one weekend, 'retail snob' is a concentrated exploration of a consumer created self and culture. Aspen examines themes such as shopping as recreation and the definition of the self by spending. This album is one to savour. Warming the coldest of nights, its rewards grow with each listen.

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