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Aspen "Music from passing cars" - 2001

From Wellington to Titahi Bay and beyond these are the rhythms that caught Aspen's ears during long drives from temporary and more permanent 'homes'. Rhythms that are regular and uncertain, 'Music from passing cars' is a soundtrack composed by Aspen for these journeys. Not an exact representation of a journey, the album evokes the feeling of craving escapism and release. Caught between destinations, between homes, the record captures the transitory state of mind, alert and wakeful, aimless and lost. Rhythms and space are designed to be irregular, tense. Phrases and melodies are overrun and cycled/recycled as trees, pastures, hills and curves pass by. Phrases capture an observer's attention, some lingering as a long stretch of pasture, some slipping by, a vivid flash barely noticed and then gone. 'Music from passing cars' reflects involve's commitment to move electronica to a living space, to impart a living feeling to the listenter.

‘Music from passing cars’ was produced with assistance gratefully received from Creative New Zealand. Many thanks to them for their support.

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