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Signer: "Low Light Dreams" - 2002

" at once understated and stunning….Smith blurs the lines between German electronic minimalism and Chicago avant-garde rock"
Montreal Mirror

" simultaneously retro and forward thinking…. Smith's expanded palette sets this release apart from all of his previous work...Two years in the making, Low Light Dreams is an impressive, calming force of an album"
Boston Weekly Dig

"lap(top)gazing", anyone?"

" off to buy a quiet album a la Boards of Canada/To Roccocco Rot/SND ? Save your money....this is the one you want: the exact amount of noise needed to send you off into sweet dreams land. Trust us, this is as good as it gets"
Sleaze Nation

" Nothing is over-designed, and much is organic and grounded despite the careful arrangement….an investigation into the movement of noises, which are found in his dreams rather than reality"
MTV Germany

" (album of the issue) low light dreams' is a body of music composed under low light in various places in north London and is one of the most remarkable electronic albums we've heard in a while"

" Low Light Dreams has won me over….There is an entire album of sounds mixed incredibly softly underneath the dominant sounds on Low Light Dreams….it achieves exactly what it sets out to do"

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